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Tan Flannel Covercraft Covers

Covercraft Tan Flannel Custom Fit Car Cover Image Crafted to Fit Covercraft Automotive Cover Logo Tan Flannel Fabric Cover Color Tan Flannel Car Cover on Car

For those who like traditional woven fabrics

Favored by traditional car enthusiasts, Tan Flannel fabric always provides a soft touch to pamper fine paint finishes. Designed primarily for indoor storage use, this woven cover is constructed from a durable polycotton blend with a napped underside finish.

  • High Performance Indoor Fabric
  • Flannel Underside - soft, napped finish
  • Long Wearing - 50% heavier than most standard polycottons
  • Breathable - Allows moisture to evaporate and will not trap heat under car cover.
  • Water Resistant - Treated for moisture repellency
  • Rot, Mildew Resistant - Treated to resist rot and mildew
  • Fabric Color: Tan
  • Warranty: 90 Days

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