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Covercraft Truck Cab Covers

Fast and Easy Coverage for Pickup Truck Cab

These covers are designed specifically to protect the cab area of pick-up trucks from sun and heat. Covercraft offers two truck cab cover styles. The custom-fitting Cab Cooler covers the windshield, roof, side windows and rear window of your truck. Also custom patterned, the Cab Area Cover protects the entire front section of your truck, from the front bumper to the rear window. Both styles are available in a variety of popular Covercraft fabric choices.

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A full truck cover can be bulky to store and difficult to put on, especially when coverage is needed for just a short time. Covercraft truck cab covers install in minutes and and be removed just as quickly. Common uses are for quick and convenient cover from sun, dust and birds while parked at a job site, marina, beach, lakes and sporting events for the day.

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