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Windshield Shades

A windshield sun shade or UV heat shield helps reduce interior temperature and protect the interior from damaging sun rays that penetrate the front windshield. All heat shields are custom patterned, insulated and available in various styles. Custom patterned to follow the outline of the windshield, there are over 1,200 patterns to fit most popular cars, pickups and vans. Front windshield UV shields provide protection at the beach, work, airport or anywhere you park, and they’re easy to use.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Choose a pink Covercraft "Covers for Causes" UVS100 windshield shade to help in supporting breast cancer awareness.

Covercraft UVS100 Breast Cancer Awareness Windshield Shade Image
Covercraft Logo Covercraft Covers for a Cause Breast Cancer Awareness Image
Covercraft UVS100 Windshield Shade Image Covercraft Flex Shade Windshield Shade Image

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